WELCOME to Gratitude Unlimited.

Gratitude Unlimited aims to encourage the expression of gratitude towards particular people who have been important in our lives. This could be a parent, a teacher, a doctor, an author, or a friend — anyone who has given to us in some way and to whom we have always meant to say thank you.

In particular you might like to use this site to thank someone with whom you are no longer in contact or whom you never knew personally. Who knows, one day they may come across this site and find your expression of gratitude.

It sometimes seems that much of what people say about each other is either negatively critical or downright cynical. This site aims in a small way to redress that imbalance by celebrating the good done by all people.

The site is simple to use — just follow the links to the right or at the top of the screen to post your own expression of gratitude or visit the gallery to read what other people have written.


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