Questions & Answers about Gratitude and Gratitude Unlimited.

Here you can find some hints and tips about expressing gratitude. You can also find out some information about this site. If you have any question then please get in touch with us.


What is gratitude and why bother expressing it?

Gratitude is the open and free acknowledgement that we have been given something of benefit. It is the enjoyment of the best parts of human association. Cicero called it the “mother of all the virtues.”
If you suffer from a feeling that life is always against you or that you are poor, or constantly afflicted, it is possible that expressing gratitude may help a great deal. Gratitude can move us out of perception that we lack something towards a realisation that we have already received so much.

I feel awkward expressing gratitude.

It is possible you will feel awkward or embarrassed about expressing gratitude. If so, it is probably worth remembering that people on the whole like receiving gratitude. Even if they insist that they don’t want you to ‘make a show’ this is not always the case in actual fact! Gratitude is not about puffing up someone’s ego with unmerited praise either. It is simply a recognition of what was actually done. When an action goes unrecognised it may well lead to a feeling of despondency and a belief that we have not been appreciated or even that our actions were a waste of time. Gratitude, a simple thank you, can make sure this does not happen and thereby help encourage similar positive actions in the future.

I can think of someone I would like to thank but I don’t really want to do it online.

Then don’t. But make sure that you do it off-line. This website is here as an encouragement and an opportunity, but there are many other ways or saying thank you, by letter, email or on the phone. Any method will do. The benefits of thanking them on this site are that you may no longer be in contact with the person or may not wish to be so direct as to phone them. Here you can leave a message and, if this site becomes well known, they may have a look at it one day and be delighted. Also others can read what you have written here and this might encourage them to do the same.

Can I thank someone anonymously?

Yes — the opportunity is available when posting your Expression of Gratitude.

Who are Gratitude Unlimited?

We are a few people who have decided that we want to run a website devoted to the theme of gratitude. We are doing this with our own resources in our spare time.

Is this a religious website?

In short, no. And it is open to everyone. Gratitude is a simple human response and need not be understood as anything more than that.

What if the person I am writing about never reads my gratitude?

Well that may happen or it may not. You could email them a link to the page with a message.

What type of person would it be appropriate to thank?

Anybody of course — the main thing is that you have a reason to say thank you. It may be that the person is no longer alive and you wish to write in their memory. It may even be that you do not know the person directly but that they helped you — for example the author of the book that set you on your career or whose novels you have so enjoyed reading.


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